About Us

Welcome to our site, and thank you for taking your time to read about the inspiration behind this collection of art on clothing.

My family moved to Glastonbury when I was four years old after I was diagnosed with ADHD in London and the doctor wanted to put me on Ritalin which is an amphetamine! My mother, Rita Hraiz, the well-known artist and teacher of 'Ageless Wisdom', refused to put me on the drug. She intuited that I needed to be immersed in nature and art, and also cut down on sugar in my diet. It definitely helped, as I became calmer but still wild by nature.

My childhood is filled with memories of being on the land - playing in little streams, immesered in colour and sacred music.

My school years were difficult, partly because I was dyslexic and a young black boy, in a predominanalty white village. The education system, in my opinion, was not conducive to right-brained, inquisitive black kids who were comfortable expressing themselves.

I left school at the age of 14, which lead to home-schooling, and then I was lucky enough to attend college to complete my education. I'm very thankful to have had wonderful guides who taught me to think for myself and develop a love of research. Growing up I was also lucky to be fascinated by colour and Sacred Geometry. Travelling the world at 19 and living in my independence gave me clarity on the connections between science, colour and spiritual belief. Later in my twenties I was gifted a sacred geometry colouring-book by my wife, this sparked the beginnings of the collection you see today. I found the process of colouring unique designs such a deep, delightful mediation.

My wife, Louise, and our two exquisite daughters bring me so much fulfilment. We have a beautiful home in Glastonbury and live by the principle of 'Right Relationship', working together to bring Glastonbury Art to life.