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Glastonbury Art

Mystic Mandala Tee

Mystic Mandala Tee

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A Wearable Cosmic Odyssey Step into a world of vibrant hues and ethereal patterns with Glastonbury Art's Mystic Mandala Tee. Each shirt is a canvas of imagination, meticulously hand-colored from a page of sacred geometry, brought to life in a spectrum of colors that mirror the very essence of nature's palette.

Product Details: -

*Unique Hand-Colored Design:* Crafted with precision and care, the mandala pattern on this tee is not just a print; it's a piece of art that represents the harmonious balance of the cosmos. -

*Eco-Conscious Fabric:* Made with eco-friendly materials, this tee respects the planet as much as it respects your skin. -

*Comfort and Style:* Tailored for a relaxed fit, our tee promises all-day comfort without compromising on style, perfect for those festival mornings or laid-back cosmic evenings. -

*Vibrant Longevity:* The high-quality print ensures that the colors remain as vivid as your adventures, wash after wash.

*The Glastonbury Art Touch:* This tee isn't just an item of clothing; it's a testament to the journey of self-expression and the boundless creativity that defines the Glastonbury Art experience. With its psychedelic flair, it's a statement piece that speaks to those who find joy in life's kaleidoscopic journey.

*How to Wear:* Pair it with your favorite denim for a casual look or layer it under a blazer for a touch of unconventional chic. Whether you're out exploring nature or navigating the urban landscape, the Mystic Mandala Tee is your companion for expressing a free-spirited identity that's uniquely yours. Embrace the art of dressing with a tee that's as extraordinary as you are. With the Mystic Mandala Tee, bring a piece of the Glastonbury spirit into your wardrobe and let your style narrative unfold.

Designer All Over Print T-Shirts

As worn in XL

  • 100% poly, soft fabric
  • 160gsm Jersey Stretch
  • Rounded neckline with ribbing
  • Stretch material
  • Handmade to order


Care instructions

Turn inside out before washing. Iron on the reverse of the printed side. 30°C wash. Low tumble heat. Do not wring. Low heat iron. Steam safe.

Wash At 30 Degrees Wash at 85 Fahrenheit Tumble 1 No Wring Low Heat Steam Safe

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